About Sorrera

Sorrera  is the division of the formless and void which is the forming of Necessity. It is dimensionless from which the first world, which by virtue of the relationship between the universal lens and the individual lens, creates a location. From this location there arises extension and coherence and as a consequence of these three each location has duration. IE it comes into being and passes away.

Sorrera (I)  between the pillars of necessity the intangible world of causality comes into being, IE: the ten lenses come into existence out of nothingness each a vesica-pisces "The great Mother" of the whole creation and this gives rise to life symbolised by (II). Sorrera (I) is the causal faculty.

Sorrera (II)  is the continuous flow, Gestation, Birth, Growth, Decay, Death and Conception of all. Its drives are: Mutation, Adaptation, Repetition and their corollaries - Competition, Cooperation and the balance between, Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction, Comfort and its results. It is "Memory" and "Feeling faulty".

Sorrera (III)  is the world of choice, correct or incorrect. It achieves these decisions by categorising all impression as this or that Acting, Making, Creative and Causative, "the mind" "intellectual faculty".

Sorrera (IV)   the wheel of dependency is the endless chain of causation by which events arise and their division into 4 - Causation, Feeling, Mind, Body. Body has sensations Mind has choice, Feeling has memory and Causation has coincidence, Memories and sensation, choice and coincidence eternally competing. Cooperating winning and losing, driving the cycle of injection, compression, ignition, exhaust, ingestion, digestion, conversion excretion - the 'otto' cycle of the Body.

Sorrera Genesis  All and everything

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